25 January 2016

Sri Lanka - Visiting family and friends

So I've just started back at uni and things have been pretty busy getting settled back in, hence the lack of posts - sorry! Here's a bit more on our time in Sri Lanka :) A lot of the time we spend in Sri Lanka was visiting family and friends we hadn't seen in years. There was an awful lot of people who I knew the name of but didn't actually remember from our last visit... As much as I love having family in far flung places (makes for good holiday destinations!), it is really hard to remember who is who, how they're related to you and, above all, how you pronounce their name! Eventually I got the hang of them and we had a good time looking at old photos and talking about our last visit there. There was one evening at Mum's cousin's house that we spent the majority of the time singing and making music which was so much fun. We did also do some sight seeing, but that's a post for another day. For now, I'll leave you with some pictures of my Sri Lankan family and friends.

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